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Music for Little Mozarts Private Piano Lessons

Class details:
25 minute weekly private lesson
Caregiver attends the last 5 minutes
Tuition: $21 per class
New materials are required at each of the 4 levels
Materials fee (books): $20 (Level 1) & $25 (Levels 2-4)

The Music for Little Mozarts program provides age appropriate, preparatory piano lessons for children ages 4-6. This innovative piano introduction course offers a fun, imaginative, and enjoyable learning experience for young beginners. Teach them right from the beginning while promoting overall development. The Music for Little Mozarts curriculum is specifically designed to teach young beginners using a combination of a piano technique, musicianship, listening skills, singing and musical games. These lessons use shorter and frequently changed activities to cater to the preschool attention span. Students join the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they learn about music and the piano. This highly imaginative course provides a bridge between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the fun of making music. Additionally, since the lessons are private, students can progress at their own pace. This program contains four levels and takes approximately two years to complete in full. Below is a general idea of the musical concepts introduced in each level:

Level 1:
How to Sit at the Piano
Hand Position
Low and High Sounds
Moving Up and Down the Keyboard
Loud Sounds (forte) and Soft Sounds (piano)
Finger Numbers
2 Black Keys
Quarter Note
Bar Lines and Double Bar
3 Black Keys
Quarter Rest
Repeat Sign
Keys on the Keyboard (D, C, E, B, A)
Half Note
Half Rest
Whole Note
Whole Rest

Level 2:
Dotted Half Notes
Additional Keys on the Keyboard (F, G)
Time Signatures of 4/4 and 3/4
Mezzo Forte
Line Notes and Space Notes
Treble and Bass Clefs
Steps and Skips
Treble Clef Notes (C4, D4, E4, F4, G4)
Bass Clef Notes ( C4, B3, A3, G3, F3)
Grand Staff
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Level 3:
Additional Bass Clef Notes (C3, D3, E3)
Intervals of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths
Legato, Slur
Melodic and Harmonic Intervals
Playing Hands Together
Mezzo Piano  

Level 4:
Additional Treble Clef Notes (A4, B4, C5, D5)
Additional Bass Clef Notes (G2, A2, B2)
Flat Sign
Sharp Sign
Tied Notes
Crescendo and Diminuendo
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